The resilience of monogram jewellery

Updated: Jul 15

Monogram jewellery has stood the test of time. Whether a chunky engraved signet ring or a cool initial pendant, they hit just the right balance of special symbols for a name or initial; artefacts firmly woven into the fabric of our history. But you're not limited to featuring your initials, you could use your favourite animal, item, initials of a loved one, or mantra. Many brands go beyond words and letters with their custom-made jewellery, featuring numerals, charms, and amulets, every design to your hearts’ desire is achievable.

A simple custom-made pendant is stylish and can be personalised to suit your taste and budget.  These pendants are as unique as the person they were made for.
Gold and Diamond Initial C and L Pendants

Since ancient times, across all cultures, coins, jewellery & valued items have been embellished with glorious letters and symbols representing belief, ownership, and authenticity. Jewellery crafted with motifs express individuality and speaks to our desire for uniqueness. They can form an enduring link to family or simply something you love the look of.

Many vintage pieces we have grown up with are in the Victorian style, unless you are lucky enough to have a piece from antiquity. Pieces from these eras are skillfully hand engraved with familial initials, crest, or heraldic shields. Over the years these pieces endear you to the person who wore them as much as the symbols they contain.