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Basic bands to fabulous creations, wedding rings are still thoroughly modern.

Updated: Feb 13

With the pending marriage of my elegant niece to her gentlemanly beau, I thought I'd share few notions about wedding rings and look at whether these still play a role in todays’ weddings.

Just like a good novel wedding rings recount a human story of betrothal, ownership & slavery but most importantly love, all wrapped up in a myriad of interpretations, traditions & ancient symbolic notions. The wedding ring has endured being used as a contractual exchange of ownership with other goods, signalled a bond between families, been given as a sign of love, commitment & fidelity, used as a metaphor for the concepts of wholeness, religious belief & for all eternity.

That's a whole lot to pack into one simple wedding ring.

Today love & sentimental connections are still celebrated & are firmly rooted in our ceremonies, (even in the pared down weddings of 2021, with the intimacy of a smaller event bringing a sense of exclusivity & inclusion in the witnessing of the vows for a lifelong union made in love).

Just as it had been over the ages, the types of materials used in a wedding rings' manufacture continues to be everything from a found item that fits the finger; like a shell, to something that is deliberately made in materials such as leather, bone, wood, iron, bronze, however prior to modern society Silver, Gold & gemstones were the reserve the very wealthy & politic elite. Other cultures were not bound by this and have had Gold, Silver & gemstones deeply engrained in their wedding jewellery. Wedding rings are influenced with traditional elements to create & inform trends such as the Fede & poésie rings. There really is a staggering array of design options for your wedding rings, from basic bands to fabulous designer creations, single piece or part of a set, your choices can be purely made on expressing & celebrating your love, or a discerning decision based on budget, style, or trend. It can have gemstones or be pure metal, with all ending up as a timeless classic that is truly treasured.

If there is an existing Engagement ring, then consideration must be given to how the wedder will be worn. We understand those requirements and can assist you in deciding what works best for you.

Symbolism of your wedding ring remains much the same as it has for our ancestors, a physical reminder of a love shared. For my niece's wedding, they too observe & maintain the ancient practice that continues to have meaning & relevance to them as a thoroughly modern, married couple.

Every Minturn ring is made to order. Your perfect wedding ring is just a call away.

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