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Frequently asked questions

I would love to have jewellery remodelled or gemstones & metal re-used!  Do you offer this service?

Yes, absolutely! Lets schedule a meeting to chat how we can use what you already have. Check out our jewellery services.

You can call or contact us at to discuss options.  

I want to have my jewellery valued.  Do you provide insurance valuations? 

Yes, we do.  Our independent & professional valuation service provides you with a detailed report of each item to meet your valuation needs.  Whether it's for insurance purposes, pre-sale, diamond quality valuation or inventory, it is important to have your jewellery reassessed every three years to ensure the valuations remain current.  

I love a ring, but it’s not my size!  Can you resize it? 

Yes! We can resize most designs.  Minturn jewellery rings have this as an option you can add to your cart.  You might find more info in our jewellery services.


I love a ring, but I want to choose a different gemstone. Can you change it?

Yes, we can!  Most Minturn jewellery rings have this as an option you can add to your cart.  If your not sure still, just give us a call or flick us an email so that we can source the perfect gemstone.


Where is my jewellery made? 

All of our Platinum, Gold & Silver jewellery is ethically sourced & crafted by professional Goldsmiths/Artisans in Auckland, NZ.  No jewellery is imported or sourced offshore.  We support local!   Our gemstones are ethically sourced from registered & certified NZ suppliers.  There are times where we also use an accredited US company for created gemstones only.

Is there Nickel in my jewellery?

As we source all our metal from the two Auckland foundries, there is no Nickel in our metals.

Why am I getting a rash under my rings?


This may be due to a build-up of soap or moisture underneath your ring. If you wear your rings for an extended period or it is too tight for your finger, debris can build up on the surface of the metal.  This can attract bacteria and cause irritation on your skin, causing the rash.  We recommend taking your rings off for a month or so & then having them re-sized to fit your finger properly.  If the rash does not improve then a visit to your Chemist or Doctor is the best course of action, before resizing your rings. See our jewellery services page for more info on how we can help you.

Can I sell you my jewellery?

We don't buy or list second-hand jewellery.  However, we may be able to list your unwanted Peter Minturn jewellery, on your behalf.
For your jewellery to be listed, it must be in very-good condition & preferably with its original presentation box.
We must assess it for any deferred maintenance. Any repairs to restore the item must be completed prior to listing.
For high value items we require a current resale & insurance valuation report. We can arrange this, or you can supply one from an independent Valuer.  We required this report to give the successful buyer reassurance of the items' quality. 
Postage/freight of the item will be added to the listing. 
Please note; we do charge a fee for this service.   To discuss this further please contact us at, please provide clear pictures of the piece in your email.

How can I keep my jewellery looking great at home? 

Good question.  Take a look at our blog or guide on caring for your jewellery.  There are some handy tips in both pages that may be helpful.

Need to know something else? Drop us a message below & we will get in touch soon!

Thanks for submitting your question! We will be in touch as soon as possible.

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