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Our connection with the land & water that surround us is undeniable. Our country is a magnificent provider for our iconic lifestyle. This deserves our greatest respect & protection for our future generations.  We are guardians of our environment. 

We consistently strive for ethical & sustainable solutions to offer our bespoke & manufactured jewellery with our guardianship firmly in mind.  

We commit to challenge traditional & modern practices by working with Goldsmiths, Craftspeople & Suppliers that resonate & support our desire to supply excellent jewellery responsibly. 

We make to order thus reducing unnecessary mass production & waste.  Reducing our impact starts with being online. More importantly maintaining our workshop practices from the floor up, (including our lemel & water management, & Health & Safety practices).    

Our ethos in recycle, reuse, remake, restore, repair are foundational activities embedded naturally & practiced daily across our goldsmithing & manufacturing processes.

Our Suppliers are more than companies, they are people that we have kept long held relationships with over the years, because supporting local is good business.  It's in knowing the people that we feel confident of their process & materials.


Our Platinum, Gold, Silver & precious Gemstones sourced through registered & certified traders based in NZ. These companies in turn, support & provide clear statements of origin reassuring us of ethical production to the highest possible standards.    There are times where we also use an accredited US company to import created or synthetic Cubic Zirconia.

Planned improvements for 2024 include careful consideration in workshop acquisitions, to further support innovation in manufacturing thus limiting waste. 

We proudly make our jewellery right here in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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