What is the best homemade jewellery cleaner?

In this blog I will look at some common questions & share the best homemade jewellery cleaner to keep your jewellery looking great for longer without putting it at risk of damage.

Everyday your jewellery accumulates grime making them dull & milky looking, even though you may take good care of them. We want to wear our jewellery all the time right! Our jewellery becomes part of our identity, the look belongs to us & we love the way it feels on.

If you’re anything like me its #jewelleryonfirst ; it sets the vibe I’m going with on any given day.

Why does my jewellery go dull?

In New Zealand’s high humidity climate & areas of Geo-thermal activity, your treasured items will naturally tarnish. It doesn’t matter what your favourite pieces are made from, Gold, Silver, Platinum, or costume jewellery it all discolours. The case is also true of a metal finish such as #Rhodium plating, Vermeil (Gold plated Silver) and Gold filled/rolled, (Gold with base metal alloy) or an applied oxidising patina.

This happens because accumulated body oils, sweat & air borne particles react with your jewellery, causing or accelerating the oxidising process. It’s good to note here that some designs are difficult to keep clean & pieces worn every day, will tarnish faster.

Can I clean my jewellery if it has gemstones?

If your jewellery has gemstones, Diamonds or Cubic Zirconia, odds on bet they too are will look like sea glass before too long. Some gemstones &