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Sapphires revisited

Following on from our blog in 2021, we are revisiting the beautiful mineral Corundum species that is Sapphire. Be sure to take a moment for a quick read of our previous blog - Spring is for Sapphires

New Zealanders love a good Sapphire. Many of us have at least one beautiful blue gem featured in a favourite piece of jewellery.

Certainly, Sapphires are more commonly known for the wide range of blues all of which carry classic names like Cornflower, Peacock, Velvet, Royal, Indigo and Twilight. There is also a paler blue called Pastel and then the fabulous Parti colours as well. The other colour varieties share the name Fancy Sapphire colours, except Padparadsha.

Sapphires are graded on colour intensity and clarity type.

Colour: Colour is key with the hue; tone & saturation being valued the most. Rarely are Sapphires natural in colour, but when they are they command a great price. Most Sapphires are treated in some manner before they are cut, and as such treatments are an established practice within the Sapphire trade and has been for hundreds of years.

Clarity: Sapphires without inclusions are extremely rare & expensive. Inclusions may be fine needles or needles, mineral crystal inclusions, may have colour zoning, or colour banding. The inclusion may enhance the value of the gemstone, like the Kashmir blue Sapphire which are a beautiful velvety blue, due to the inclusions that disperse light, giving a very desirable sleepy blue effect.

However, too many inclusions and a Sapphire will be less valuable, especially if they start to affect the gemstone stability.

At Minturn Jewellery, we have re-connected with a past colleague who has started his own gemstone supply business right here in NZ. We have at our disposal a direct connection in sourcing beautiful, ethical Sri Lankan gemstones. They have beautiful calibrated & certified Sapphires at very affordable prices, and a great range of colours & sizes available to view.

They also stock other semi-precious gemstones in various cuts & colours,

So, if you are looking for a Sapphire or would like a gemstone matched, or cut to size, to complete a restoration or repair, this may be the perfect opportunity to explore. We are happy to provide a quotation in advance. Get in touch today to discuss your ideas.

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