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Diamonds are in a class of their own

Updated: Feb 19

Diamond engagement rings are synonymous with elegance & have endless design possibilities from dazzling intricate settings to a diamond solitaire set simply to show the gemstone off magnificently. Not only are diamonds our gemstone of choice but they are also one of the most scratch-resistant natural materials on earth & are rated 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

What factors determine the quality & price of a diamond? 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but diamonds are in a class of their own.  The characteristic of natural diamonds are standardised by the GIA 4C’s, (an recognised international society that offer a grading system that can guide you in making your decisions). To the inexperienced eye most diamonds look the same however, we will put the 4C’s into some perspective by determining value in the order of Cut, Colour, Clarity, & then Carat. At Minturn, we view ‘Cut” the most important as ultimately the cut is the most complex characteristic of a diamond &, the cut of a diamond is introduced to or taken away from, the gemstone material by man. All other attributes of the gem come naturally.

Our goal is to help you choose a diamond that brings you joy & will last a lifetime. So, lets take a quick dive into the basics of the 4C’s.


Diamond rough is digitally assessed for the greatest yield. Most diamonds are cut with precise geometric dimensions that will function as mirrors to reflect light into the gem from one angle to another before being dispersed back through the top. To cut a diamond so its proportions, durability, symmetry, & polish are excellent is crucial.

These four attributes influence how the brightness of internal & external white light is reflected, & how the “fire & scintillation” are perceived. Fire describes the scattering of white light across the colours of the rainbow, with scintillation describing the sparkle produced (light & dark areas caused by reflection). 



There are various shades of white diamonds with most gems having barely perceptible yellow, grey, or brown tints. The purer the colour the rarer it is & the greater its capacity to reflect & refract light. The highest quality is known as “colourless” (D grade). GIA’s colour grading begins at D & ends at Z. Grading measures the degree of colour compared to master stones of established values, determining the quality & value of the gem. 


In natural material inclusions in the interior or blemishes on the exterior add character to your gemstone. These characteristics may interfere with the how the light is reflected or the overall appearance & impact the value of the gem. Most diamonds will “face up” well with its inclusions & blemishes remaining invisible to the naked eye. Without flaws a diamond will have greater scintillation & beauty. 



If you have always dreamt of rocking a big Diamond engagement ring, then carat will be your preference with compromise on the other qualities. Purchasing a diamond that considers the gem size in relation to your hand is important. Larger diamonds of quality are more valuable, desirable & rarer. It does come down to preference, but a diamonds value is determined using all the 4C’s. 


Diamonds loose, and rings made in yellow and white gold and Platinum.

Buying a quality diamond with Minturn Jewellery is supported by an independently certified appraisal, giving you further assurance that the gem & engagement ring you have designed is of excellent quality & value. We source our diamonds from very reputable NZ diamond dealers of whom we have long held relationships with over the years. It is in knowing our Suppliers that we feel confident of their materials & ethics.


Finally, here are few little “gems” to help you make your Diamond buying adventure brilliant.

  1. Buy at the price you are comfortable with.

  2. Set your budget for your Diamond, independent of the ring you want to mount it into.

  3. Buy quality independently certified diamonds, remember Cut, Colour, Clarity, & Carat all determine the best quality for your budget.

  4. The shape of your Diamond fits your design concept & suits your hand.

  5. Irrespective of what anyone else says, go with your heart & buy the gem of your dreams.

  6. If you are looking for the perfect diamond, get in touch for personalised service or register online for the Doubletrees Wedding Show to view & chat about your diamond designs.

See you at the Doubletree by Hilton Karaka wedding show!

On Sunday,10th March the Jewellers Collective, the workshop division of Minturn Jewellery, are excited to participate in the Double Tree by Hilton Karaka Wedding Open Day show. Make sure you register to attend. We will have a selection of jewellery on display. There will be so much to see on the day. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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