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Why do we love gold?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Simply put gold is an investment that is tangible and glorious to wear.

Most of us have a collection of gold jewellery. Our golden hoard might be 1 or 2 pieces we’ve bought ourselves, been lovingly given or perhaps inherited from family, or maybe quite a few pieces that are well-loved.

Whatever the origin, gold jewellery is luscious, sophisticated, reflects your style & unbelievably beautiful. We attach a lot of sentimentality & significance in owning gold jewellery.

From The First Discovery

Gold has mesmerised us, created fevers & rushes, become rich in symbolism & woven its way into myths, legends & folklore. It didn’t take long for this luscious metal to become the vehicle with which precious gemstones could be skillfully fashioned, to create jewellery for some lucky person to adorn themselves with, & be the envy of their friends.

Carat Is Everything

In some cultures, traditional jewellery is fabricated in 22-24 carat gold, the highest purity. As beautiful as it is, unfortunately it can be easily dented or misshapen. To counter this aspect of pure gold, modern jewellery is alloyed to create hardness. In NZ gold it's alloyed down as low as 9 carats (37.5% gold content). It can be alloyed to change it from yellow to white, as well. When we design new pieces we recommend 18 carat for maximum gold & durability of the piece.

Why The Hike In Price

Gold is measured in troy ounces, (31.103 grams of pure gold), & as a commodity, it has been affected by the 1973 US government decision to sever the US dollar from its gold reserve. The value of gold has continued to fluctuate exponentially, be in high demand to supply & has offered increased financial stability. Nevermore so than with the current global economic crisis.

On The Periodic Table

Gold tops the chart at no/. 79. With a symbol of Au, meaning Aurum a Greek word for “ the glow of sunshine”. It is the only metal that is yellow on the table. Gold resists tarnish & doesn’t degrade over time. That golden glow is due to the metal absorbing blue spectrum light; reflecting back that fabulous buttercup yellow that we all love.

Owning & wearing gold jewellery is a stylish & potent way to express your individuality & perhaps conformity to fashionable trends. Better to be looked at than overlooked, I’d say!

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