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What can I do with inherited jewellery?

Updated: Jun 12

It’s a commonly asked question. Pieces you have been left maybe items that you’ve adored from afar & love completely. They can a fond memory of the person who gifted the item but not completely your style, or you simply cannot wear it safely due to damage or wear.

In this blog we will explore what you can do with inherited jewellery.

Maori design in the form of Manaia, around a wide band ring.
Lintal ring reminiscent to an original legacy piece.

Remake a copy, leaving an original jewel unchanged

Remaking a copy of the original may give you choices in gifting to another person or enable you to leave the gifted jewel unchanged just as it was given.

One of our clients loves wearing an inherited ring on a chain but wanted to investigate what we could do to make it wearable again. We offered two options to enable this & as a result of our discussions she decided that she wanted to leave the piece as it was but remake another so that she could wear the new one on her hand. We were able to find the design from our records to remake the design in her finger size. The new piece adds to their family legacy.

The 3 "R's". Recycle, Re-use, Remodel

Redesigning is a possibility worth exploring if you the pieces you have inherited are not wearable, (too thin or worn, broken) or simply not to your liking. You can reuse stones and recycle the metal either back into a new piece or trade-it-in for Silver, Gold or Platinum in your newly designed piece. This choice is used by our clients' bringing together their own jewellery & inherited pieces. where possible, all materials are reused in the redesigning process to great effect. Redesigning creates a new family heirloom.

Our clients' design bringing together their own jewellery & inherited pieces into a new celebration ring..
Remodelled old jewellery into new.


Sometimes all much-loved pieces need is to be assessed, and sympathetically restored back into being safe to wear. Having a few claws replaced, a band replaced or re-sized or a complete jewellery service overhaul makes all the difference. We have assessed & treated many pieces in this way with clients’ that find this aspect of restoration better suited to their needs.

Get in touch and let’s chat to see if we can help you refresh, restore or remodel your inherited jewellery.

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