Are you exposing your jewellery to these?

Updated: Apr 3

We all do it! We love our jewellery so much that we live & love life to the full in it, all day every day! But there are some things that really don't do jewellery any favours.

Here's our top 3 no-no's when it comes to looking after your jewels at home.

It’s a great idea to remove your rings & things when doing chores, cooking, showering, sleeping or any manual work. We have seen all manner of distressed jewels that have suffered whilst working at home.

No-no number 2/. Exposing your jewels to chemicals

All chemicals may adversely react with your jewellery & gemstones, accelerating the risk of damage to the surfaces. Do not use gin, toothpaste, baking soda, aluminium, harsh industrial/domestic chemicals. Gin is great for drinking but no so much for precious metals & gems!

Only use reputable brand jewellery baths or dips, following the instruction completely. A good cleaner is the Connoisseurs range of cleaners available at Regal.

No-no number 3/. Sunburnt and overexposed to Chlorine

Avoid contact with chlorinated water in swimming, spa & mineral pools, Sulphur, lotions, cosmetics, hair products & hair dyes, perfumes. When wearing perfume or hairspray allow it to dry well before putting on your jewellery, especially Pearls.

Create a favourite place to keep your jewels

When you not wearing your jewellery, create a favourite place to put them in or better still, store each item away in its own jewellery bag.

Get a "health check" for your jewellery, or if you have a special occasion coming up be your best sparkly self by having your jewellery professionally cleaned prior to the event.

Get in touch #callminturnjewellery and let’s chat about our professional cleaning services & how we can help you.

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