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Creating a Jeweller's Collective

What on earth have we been up to over the past 2 ½ months ?

Well, we have been creating a workspace that will have a foundation firmly rooted in cooperation, collaboration, connection, openness.

Our aim is to provide an opportunity to artisans and craft-makers who have a passion to make things by hand & using technology. Sharing techniques, tools, facilities, networks and practices.

It's coming along nicely

Yay! resource consent is in progress; we are getting our workshop plant, tools & equipment together in preparation to move in. Many of the tools are from the de-commissioned workshop of Peter Minturn MNZM. Tools that hold the lifetime legacy of designing and making jewellery. Added to those beautiful objects are a range of new tools & equipment & our signature design benches. It's all coming together nicely, creating a new community-based workspace, resourced with all your jewellery making needs.

What's our why?

Plain and simple, we love what we do! Jewellery speaks to our emotions. It expresses who we are and can be conveyed through a common bond between the maker and the receiver by sharing, translating memories & retelling stories, jewellery becomes the storyteller. The voice & spirit of the Minturn way in jewellery, is to act with integrity; our actions reflect & maintain our approach to creating and making.

A collective passion; nothing beats being here!

We are super excited and inspired to bring their ideas of a jeweller's collective to life with passion & commitment, critical elements necessary for its success. All we need now is you!

If you have a design or technique you would like to learn, we have the workshop and creative space to achieve that. Come join us at the Jeweller's Collective, nothing beats being here!

The Jeweller's Collective is the workshop division of

Unit 2, 28 Clark Street, New Lynn, Auckland

Contact us on 021 2110378 /

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